Greek court rules against extradition of eight Turkish soldiers

Turkey accuses the eight men of being involved in last July's failed coup in which 240 people were killed.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Greek Supreme Court also ordered the release of the eight men to from police custody.

Greece’s Supreme Court on Thursday ruled against the extradition of eight Turkish soldiers who fled to Greece after a failed coup in Turkey last year. 

On July 15, 2016, a faction of the military tried to overthrow the Turkish government. The attempted putsch collapsed early in the morning on July 16 in the face of massive popular opposition.

The eight men landed a helicopter in northern Greece on July 16 and sought political asylum saying they feared for their lives in Turkey.

Turkey branded them traitors and demanded their extradition. All eight deny the accusation.

Maria Kagkelidou gives more details from Athens.

The case has exposed the complexity of relations between Athens and Ankara. The two NATO allies have already been at odds over issues from Cyprus to islets, but have cooperated to manage the Syrian refugee crisis.

Following the Greek apex court's ruling, Turkish authorities have issued arrest warrants for the soldiers.

TRT World's Alican Ayanlar has the reaction from Ankara.


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