Gunfire reported near Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul

Turkish police report gunfire near Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul, two suspects detained

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Aug 21, 2015

Turkish police on Wednesday reported gunfire near the entrance of the historic Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul.

Ambulances were sent to the area and roads were sealed off by police.

Two suspects with weapons and grenade were detained near the scene of shooting. One police is reported to be slightly injured.

Istanbul governorate issued a written statement on its website stating  that the attackers were part of a "terrorist group" that is believed to be responsible for the armed attack on the offices of the governing Justice and Development Party (AK Party) on August 8.

Dolmabahce Palace is an Ottoman-era building and located near the prime minister’s office in Istanbul's Besiktas District.

A previous attack took place on Jan. 1, targeting the Dolmabahce Palace. An armed man threw grenades and tried to fire his gun at the  police cabin in front of the Palace. He was later  caught and seized by the authorities.

Fırat O. who carried out the terror attack was determined to be member of an illegal leftist organisation .

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