HDP joins 'human shield' group for PKK in Turkey's Bitlis

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) participates in 'human shield' demonstration in Turkey’s eastern province of Bitlis where substantial amount of explosives belonging to PKK were seized

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Security forces launch helicopter backed operations in rural Tatvan district of Bitlis province after police received a tip indicating presence of high amounts of explosives set up on highways and roads.

At least 50 members of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), announced that they will serve as 'human shields' against security operations of police officers, in eastern province of Bitlis, where a substantial amount of hidden explosives belonging to the outlawed PKK were found, after notices were provided to police.

Turkish security forces found the explosives, hidden in culverts along the main roads between Bitlis-Tatvan and Tatvan-Van, the roads are used by hundreds of people everyday.

The security forces defused PKK bombs, mainly IEDs, after determining the locations of the explosives. K widely uses IED in terror attacks

Following the incident, Turkish security forces  launched an air backed operation in rural areas of Tatvan district in Bitlis.

Conducting air strikes on PKK camps and storage facilities, security forces neutralised several targets located on the mountainside near Tatvan.

Led by HDP Bitlis deputy, Mizgin Irgat and Bitlis Municipality co-chair, Huseyin Olan, a group of HDP members reached Tatvan despite the continuing air strikes.

The group announced that they will serve as human shields against Turkish air operations. However security forces prevented the group from staying in the area. 

Clashes continue in Cizre district of Sirnak

Meanwhile, PKK terrorists on Friday attacked police officers in Cizre district of Turkey’s southeastern Sirnak province, where a curfew has been in effect for 6 days, due to escalating terror attacks by PKK terrorists who are endangering the lives of civilians. 

Five police officers were injured when PKK terrorists defused a hidden remote-controlled bomb on Friday. 

Minister of Interior Affairs, Selami Altinok, said on Thursday that health workers are under threat in Cizre. He also confirmed that nine civilians have lost their lives during the clashes in Cizre.

HDP co-chair, Selahattin Demirtas, had attempted to march to Cizre with a large group, but they were prevented from doing so by security officers for "their own safety." 

The PKK is recognised as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, the EU, the US and NATO. Since the start of the latest wave of terror attacks by the PKK, at least 24 civilians and a total of 110 Turkish security officials have been killed.



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