HDP official arrested for driving militants to outlawed PKK

Security forces arrest district chair from HDP in eastern province of Agri over charges of recruiting militants for outlawed PKK

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

HDP Eleskirt district head Engin Dursun seen in this file photo as posters of HDP leader Selahattin Demirtas seen hung on the wall behind him.

Engin Dursun, the Eleskirt district chair in eastern Agri province from Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) was caught in act of driving two militants to outlawed PKK by security officers and arrested on Thursday.

Vehicle of Dursun was asked to be stopped by security officers patrolling the highway for routine checks.

According to reports, Dursun drove his vehicle carrying two militants to be recruited to mountain units of PKK, over the security officers and escaped to a nearby village.

PKK is recognised as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, the US, the EU and the UK.

HDP is accused of having close relations to PKK.

Two militants admitted that they were “persuaded” by Dursun and admitted he was driving “to deliver them to the mountain units of the outlawed PKK."

While two men “persuaded” by Dursun were released over judicial controls, Dursun was arrested by the court over charges of “involved in activity for PKK/KCK, aiding, abetting and recruiting for PKK.”

Over the week, five HDP and Democratic Regions Party (DRP) municipality heads were arrested for disrupting state unity and territorial integrity of the state over their calls for “autonomy.”

DRP branches off from HDP and is responsible for local organisation while HDP is active on the national political scene.

Recently, explosives and arms were also discovered in a truck belonging to the HDP municipality in Van presented further evidence towards increasing suspicions regarding HDP’s role in terror attacks by the outlawed PKK.

After Turkey’s general election on June 7, in which the HDP entered the parliament for the first time, the PKK’s umbrella organisation, the Group of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK), issued a statement on July 11 declaring that its truce with the Turkish government has ended and threatened Turkey with further attacks.

According to records,  the number of fallen soldiers in terror attacks since the deadly Suruc bombing on July 20, reached over 60 while six civilians have also been killed.

PKK is an armed militant group that has been carrying out terror attacks mostly in Turkey’s southeast since the early 1980s. The group was founded by Abdullah Ocalan who was captured in Kenya and imprisoned by Turkey in 1999.

More than 40,000 people have lost their lives during 30 years of armed conflict between outlawed PKK and the Turkish state.




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