Here's how Erdogan called on Turkey to stop the 2016 coup

Here's the speech made by Turkey's president on CNN Turk at 00:26 on 16 July, 2016.

Photo by: Getty Images/Burak Kara
Photo by: Getty Images/Burak Kara

Erdogan spoke through videophone app FaceTime to call on Turks to take to the streets to resist the attempted coup that began on the night of July 15.

Updated Jul 13, 2017

Here's a translation of a speech that Turkey's President gave on the night of the coup:

Today’s development is unfortunately an uprising organised by a small minority within our armed forces.

And it is an insurrection instigated,  managed and masterminded by the parallel state.

I believe that they will receive a fitting punishment for this attempt against the unity, solidarity and integrity of our country.

They will pay a very heavy price for using tanks, cannons and helicopters that have been paid for by this nation, against the nation itself.

As the president, the prime minister and the government, we will stand firm and take every necessary measure.

We cannot measure the cost of this …. [cuts out] we cannot give them any quarter.

I believe that in a very short time, we will defeat this occupation that they are carrying out..

I must stress that with great determination, we will overcome this.

No-one has the strength to test our will.

I want to call out to my nation:

I urge the Turkish people to take to the streets of our cities, and to convene at our public squares and our airports.

Let us gather at our squares and airports — and let them come with their tanks and cannons.

Let them do what they will.

I have yet to see any power greater than that of the people.

It is out of the question for us to recognise such a thing from now on, either.

The chain of command has been violated.

We now face an unfortunate situation where subordinates command their superiors.

I am the president  — and at the same time, the commander in chief of this nation.

This attempted uprising will have its answer from the law and they will be given an answer in the judicial system.

They should know that in this country , the law will be maintained.

We will do what is necessary to punish them — no one should fear.

I do not believe that the coup backers will be successful.

Throughout history, no coup backers were successful. In the end they fail.

— Recep Tayyip Erdogan