How do Turkish political parties differ on constitutional reform?

While the governing AK Party as well as the nationalist MHP party support constitutional reforms, opposition parties CHP and the HDP are strongly against them.

Photo by: Getty Images
Photo by: Getty Images

Turkish people will vote on constitutional amendments on April 16.

Updated Apr 13, 2017

Turkish citizens will vote on 18 constitutional amendments on April 16.

The amendments that include the abolition of the office of prime minister was introduced by the governing AK Party, with support from the MHP group.

Supporters of the reforms argue that presidential system will result in a stronger executive branch. That in turn might forestall the creation of coalition governments that have destabilised Turkey's governance in recent history.

Opposition parties do not agree. The CHP and the HDP believes the reforms will undermine the system's current checks and balances, giving way to a one-man rule. Here is an extended version of their arguments: