Illegal copies of Gulen critic’s book found missing critical parts

Illegal copies of recent book published on Gulen Movement by critic of the group Hanefi Avci found to be missing some of most important parts regarding the group

Updated Jul 28, 2015

After Turkish police raided stores selling illegal copies of books in Ankara they found that copies of a recently published book by one of the most well known critics of the Gulen Movement on the group was missing key content.

Illegal copies of the book “Failure of the Movement - The moment Gulen slipped,” which was published on Monday, have already turned up.

However, one of the most notable sections of the books, which were collected from ten different bookstores, titled “Failure of the Movement” was taken out of the illegal copy.

A media manager of the Tekin publishing house, Yasemin Arpa, said the publisher will continue to fight against piracy and the police will investigate how the books were copied and distributed as well as how parts of it were missing.

Avci released a book in 2008 named, “Devoted Residents of Haliç: Yesterday, State, Today, Religious Community,” which covered the deep network of the Gulen Movement and showed that the group had strong influence within the police force and the judiciary.

Following the release of his book, Avci was accused of being a member of an armed leftist group called the Revolutionary Headquarters and jailed with what Avci claimed was fabricated evidence.

The Gulen Movement, led by the U.S.-based Turkish preacher Fethullah Gulen, is known to have a strong influence over its followers who are accused of being active in certain government institutions such as the judiciary and the police force.

The group was also accused of involvement in 2013’s of an alleged December 17-25 judicial coup attempt against the government.

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