In pictures: Turkey votes

Polls have closed in a significant referendum in Turkey to decide whether the parliamentary system should change. About 55 million voters were expected to make their mark.

Photo by: Yasmine Ryan/TRT World
Photo by: Yasmine Ryan/TRT World

Evet (Yes) or Hayir (No) is what voters had to stamp to voice their approval or rejection of 18 proposed constitutional amendments.

Millions of voters across Turkey cast their votes in a referendum to decide on whether 18 constitutional amendments should be accepted or rejected. The proposed changes have been hotly contested.

Supporters claim that the amendments will result in a strong Turkish republic that will limit the power of the military and stop coalition governments that continually deadlocked. Critics claim the proposed changes will give President Recep Tayyip Erdogan more powers.

As voters cast their ballots, the world's media focused their attention on the nation of 80 million people that straddles Europe and Asia. 

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan hands over his identity document to electoral officials before casting his vote in Istanbul.


A man casts his ballot at a polling station in Izmir on Turkey's western coast.


A Turkish voter receives his voting papers and the stamp that he will use to make his mark.


"Tercih" means choice in Turkish. About 55 million voters had to stamp this word on their voting papers deciding on whether they approved or rejected 18 constitutional amendments.


A man casts his vote in the Besiktas district of Istanbul as officials look on.


A couple brought their cat with them when they cast their vote in the constitutional referendum at a polling station in Edirne.


It was their big day, but Alpdogan Boduc and Rumeysa Balci still took time out to vote before tying the knot in the town of Corum.


In the town of Manisa, 113-year old Ayse Karabuber was brought to a voting station by a medical team.


A police officer keeps guard outside a polling station in Ankara.


A woman exits a polling booth at a polling station in Istanbul.

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