Interior Minister: Turkey ready for secure general election

Turkish Interior Ministry prepares for Sunday’s general election to provide security of votes

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Turkish Interior Minister Sebahattin Ozturk stated that Turkey is fully prepared for general election on Sunday to assure that the free will of people secured in the ballot boxes.

“Security forces, including police and gendarmerie, will absolutely be on duty in the regions believed to be under risk,” said Ozturk in a television interview on Friday.

About 404,000 security personnel will be on duty to provide protection for the general election on June 7.

Ozturk added that he wishes all Turkish citizens an election experience under safe conditions, where everyone will be allowed to cast their vote for the party they support without any pressure.

Approximately 56 million Turkish citizens are eligible to vote in the election to choose 550 lawmakers for the Turkish parliament.

Turkey held general election every five years until a 2007 constitutional change, which set the election to every four years.

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