ISIS commander who threatened Turkey revealed

Details of Turkish ISIS commander who named Istanbul as target revealed

Photo by: ISIS video
Photo by: ISIS video

ISIS commander and two militants present in the footage are seen in the picture.

An ISIS militant code named Abu Ammar, who in a video threatened the Turkish government and called on ISIS supporters to conquer Istanbul - Turkey's largest city - has been identified as Fatih Acipayam, a 47 year-old man from the western city of Bursa.

Originally from the southern city of Kahramanmaras, Acipayam moved to Bursa 10 years ago.

According to media reports, he was a sweet vendor before joining the ISIS.

He is believed to have joined ISIS by passing through Kilis on the Syrian border after he sold his property and left Bursa with his family in 2014.

Neighbours of the militant told media outlets that "He was a quiet person who was just busy with his job. Last year, he came to the coffeehouse to ask for our blessings and a while later this video appeared."

A relative of Acipayam also said, ‘’He did not say anything about his plans to anyone, just left after secretly selling all of his property.’’

He also added that there was nothing that set Acipayam apart from the crowd.

In the ISIS video released last week, Acipayam called out ‘’Under the command of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, let’s conquer Istanbul which is being delivered to the hands of the Crusaders’,’ and harshly criticised the Turkish government.

Turkey has been intensifying efforts to fight ISIS, which is listed as a terrorist organisation by the country.

In recent development, seven people were detained in Kilis and Samsun on Thursday on suspicion of being members of ISIS.

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