Istanbul police arrest 3 foreign spies in nine days

Istanbul police detains French gendarmerie officer, three Syrian agents in last nine days over suspicious acts

Photo by: AFP (Archive)
Photo by: AFP (Archive)

Turkish special police forces are in operation against suspected DAESH terrorists in the southeastern Turkish province of Diyarbakir, October 26, 2015.

Updated Oct 31, 2015

Istanbul police in the past nine days has reportedly detained three Syrian nationals and a French gendarmerie officer on the suspicion of being spies.

The reports said an agent named Moular K. who is claimed to be a member of the Syrian Intelligence Agency Idarat al Mukhabarat al Amma, was caught recently in Zeytinburnu district of Istanbul.

Syrian operative Moular K.

He was detained while conducting a reconnaissance mission and was said to be in possession of maps.

According to reports, he is the third Syrian agent to be detained by the police. 

Anti-terrorism units started tracking the suspect due his suspicious behaviour, he was observed staking out and taking notes of a building which houses security officers.

The maps found on the suspect had names of businesses, additionally certain locations on the maps were marked, including apartment buildings, businesses and parks.

It was determined that Moular K. has been staying with Syrian refugees in Turkey for the past couple of months and posing as a refugee who is against the Assad regime.

Police discovered that he was relaying the information he gathered back to the Syrian Intelligence Service Idarat al Mukhabarat al Amma

Turkey has claimed that the deadliest terror attack in the modern history of the country, which took place on Oct. 10 in the capital Ankara killing 102 people and injuring over 500, was planned “collectively” by terror organizations that threaten Turkey.

Syrian intelligence agency has been accused by Turkey for being involved in the bombing along with DAESH, which has been determined to be the prime suspect behind the attack.

Reports stated that police detained another Syrian agent named H.K. in Istanbul’s Pendik district, after arresting and questioning a Syrian spy named M. Has Cesam, who had hand made bombs in his possession, at a construction site in Istanbul’s Atasehir district.

When detained, H.K. had a satellite phone and GPS devices on his person.

All three suspected agents were handed over to the National Security Organization (MIT), the reports said.

In the meantime, a French national suspected of burglary was arrested by security officers at a construction site in Istanbul’s Kucukcekmece district.

After a security complaint at the construction site, police detained the French national and found French gendarmerie identification card, a passport and parachute fabric on his person.

French gendarmerie officer claimed that he went up to the building to take pictures from a higher altitude.

He also told police that the reason he is in Istanbul is to bring back a deported DAESH militant to France and he is in Istanbul with three other officers.

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