Kurdish militias’ hospital bombing kill civilians in Kobane

Media report suggests that hospital bombing by Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Syrian town of Kobane killed over 100 civilians

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

A Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) bombing that targeted a hospital which militants of ISIS were believed to be in, resulted in the death of over 100 civilians including doctors, nurses and patients.

On June 25, ISIS militants carried out three car bomb attacks in Kobane thus restarting the battle for the town which had originally been besieged by ISIS for four months starting from September 2014, and resulting in thousands of casualties.

According to CNN Turk, YPG forces targeted a hospital during the clashes which ISIS militants had taken shelter.

The attack resulted in deaths of 28 nurses, 19 doctors and over 100 patients who were being treated at the hospital.

The Kobane attack have raised alertness of the Turkish forces as two groups at the country’s Syrian border have become an increasing threat for national security.

Another point underlined in the CNN Turk report was Turkey’s potential cross-border operation against the national security threats, including the establishment of a buffer zone.

The report said the “buffer zone would be limited to couple kilometers in depth opposed to mentioned 40-50 kilometers of depth. In cases of need, the depth would be expanded.”

The buffer zone is expected to be set in 110 kilometers long area between Jerablus and Azez.

No rules of engagement for ISIS

The report suggests that “ISIS would not be subject to rules of engagement since it is a terrorist organization and it is not possible for a terrorist group to be included in rules of engagement.”

“Any threat would be responded with fire,” the report noted, same as the rules issued against the Assad regime.

Seven ISIS militants were seen across the border from Karkamis town of Gaziantep province on Monday with bare eye, placing mines and digging trenches in front of Turkish soldiers at the gate.

Bahcesehir University Professor and former instructor at NATO College in Rome, Gulnur Aybet had said in a recent conference that “when it comes to the groups fighting by Turkey’s border, I wouldn’t really classify these groups neither the YPG nor ISIS as a neighbour because these are groups that are fighting each other in a failed state.”

YPG is the militant wing of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) which is considered by Turkey as the Syrian affiliate of the outlawed PKK.

Both ISIS and its nemesis, the PYD, are recognised as terrorist groups by Turkey.

In the CNN Turk report, the US is said to have requested to arm one of the five predator drones from Turkey.

Turkish Armed Forces accepted the request, but the Turkish government’s approval is still pending.

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