Kurdistan Regional Government denies Russian oil claims

Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government denies Russian claims that Turkey has oil trade with DAESH saying “those tankers are ours”

Photo by: AA (Archive)
Photo by: AA (Archive)

Autonomous Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) Government spokesman Safin Dizayi

Autonomous Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) Government spokesman Safin Dizayi denied allegations stemming from satellite images released by Russian Defence Ministry that Turkey had purchased oil from DAESH, saying “For a country like Russia to accuse that DAESH oil goes into Turkey via Kurdistan region has saddened us deeply. Information shared by the Russian government is simply not true.”

“KRG does not accept the allegations by Russia” he said, adding “Oil pipelines that reach Zaho and Ibrahim Khalil border check points are the property of KRG. Here the Ministry of Natural Resources honors the agreements it has made with foreign corporations for the distribution and sale of oil. Most of the oil from Duhok and Badinan provinces is brought to Turkey via pipeline rest is transferred with tankers.”

Dizayi stressing the ongoing war between DAESH terrorists and Peshmerga forces in the region said “Oil sold in and from Kurdistan region has absolutely nothing to do with DAESH. Kurdistan region is fighting against DAESH more fiercely than any other power. Peshmerga is leading the fight against DAESH in the region and it is the force that has stopped DAESH's momentum. Is it even remotely possible that KRG is selling DAESH oil? Is it possible for KRG to do business with DAESH? These types of allegations are baseless and beyond reason and sanity.”

Dizayi said that the oil trade with Turkey is transparent, adding “DAESH oil in no way or form has passed thru borders controlled by KRG. We strongly deny these allegations by Russia. We do not recognize or accept any of these allegations, because the pipeline that reaches from Zaho to Turkey is not a secret and frankly this does not concern anyone but the parties involved.”

Aside from Safin Dizayi, Chairman of Energy Commission in Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) Sherko Cevdet also denied the satellite images released by Russian Defence Ministry that Turkey had purchased oil from DAESH in Zaho - Silopi line.

He stressed that tankers belong to KRG, saying “Satellite pictures taken by Russia are actually tankers carrying oil from Kurdistan region to Turkish port of Ceyhan.”

Cevdet also stressed that he has been conducting research for a long time and has sufficient information related to DAESH oil in the region saying images that have been released by Russian Federation are far from proving the allegations.

The chairman citing that tankers in the published images are oil tankers that transferred oil from KRG to Turkey adding “Our Ministry of Natural Resources has previously stated that hundreds of tankers carry oil from Kurdistan to Turkey and this is not a secret.”

“Oil from Kurdistan is brought to Turkey via pipeline and tankers and from here it is sold on the world market, pictures released by Russia belong to these tankers.”

“This kind of a claim must be backed up with strong concrete evidence,” he said.

The intruding Russian Su-24 was shot down by Turkish F-16s near the Syrian border after it ignored a total of ten warnings in five minutes. In response, Moscow announced a series of economic sanctions against Ankara and Russian President Vladimir Putin has alleged Turkish involvement in oil purchases from DAESH.


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