Leader of Turkey's minor Hak-Party dies in traffic accident

Chairman of Turkish Rights and Liberties Party ( HAK-PAR) Fehmi Demir is killed in car crash in southern province of Mersin

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

An image from the accident scene which resulted in death of Fehmi Demir and a second driver is seen in this October 26, 2015 photo.

Chairman of a minor party in Turkey, Rights and Liberties (HAK-PAR), Fehmi Demir was killed in a car crash in Turkey’s southern province of Mersin on Sunday.

Driving on the highway between Adana and Mersin to attend a meeting ahead of Nov.1 election, Demir crashed into a car with Austrian license plates due to the slippery road.

The vehicle of Demir flipped over with the impact of the clash while both Demir and the driver of the second vehicle, Haci Murat Dogu died at the scene.

After a funeral ceremony for Demir in the party centre in Ankara held on Tuesday morning, his body will be buried in a family cemetery in central province of Konya.

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