Locals save Turkish soldier from PKK terrorists

Local people protect non-commissioned officer and his family from PKK terrorists in southeastern of Turkey

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

A Turkish non-commissioned security officer was saved by local people of Sirnak, southeastern district of Turkey, from the PKK terrorists who intercepted his vehicle on Thursday.

The officer was returning from the hospital in town to home with his wife and children when an armed group of PKK terrorists stopped his vehicle and put him off. His wife, resisting to the militants, also got out of the car while the children watched in dismay.

In the meantime, local people who noticed the situation interefered with the militants despite the arms that they carry and gathered around the family.

Raising a havoc, people carried the family away while the militants opened fire behind them, slightly injuring the officer. The citizens tried to push away the militants by standing against them.

PKK terrorists continued to carry out further terror attacks in southeastern cities of Turkey as they opened fire on a taxi carrying a specialised sergeant in Sirnak on Friday.The fires resulted in the death of the taxi driver and heavily wounded the sergeant and his 5-year-old nephew of the driver.

In Tunceli, a group of PKK terrorists launched an attack on a police station with long barreled weapons early on Friday. Turkish policemen immediately returned the fire, killing two militants while one police officer killed and some of them were also injured.

Two seperate terror attacks by outlawed PKK at Turkish policemen and soldiers took place on Thursday in southeastern province Van. Using improvised explosive devices (IED) and bombs, the militants injured one soldier in the attacks.

Another terror attack by the PKK terrorists injured six Turkish soldiers following the explosion of a bomb which was located under a culvert.

PKK terrorists also opened fire on policemen in Sirnak after blocking a road with a deforced semi. No casulties were reported after the armed conflict between the policemen and the militants.




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