Locals wearisome of PKK terror attacks in Turkey’s southeast

Local people support anti-terror operations against PKK as they are fed up with its terror attacks in southeastern Turkey

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkish soldiers carry children as they evacuate people from the region due to the ongoing clashes with PKK terrorists.

Local people in Turkey’s several eastern and southeastern provinces support the anti-terror operations against PKK in these regions as they are fed up with its relentless terror attacks.

According to the reports, one citizen told security forces, who protected them while evacuating the area due to ongoing clashes with the terrorists, ‘’May God’s sake, further these operations to the end and save us from this menace.’’

Another citizen was also quoted as saying ‘’I have been living in this region for almost sixty years and I cannot believe that these terrorists are children of these lands. I don’t know where they came from but only an enemy would burn down our houses and mosques.’’

Many NGO representatives from these regions also emphasize that the locals do not support the PKK, noting that people yearn to return back to their normal lives.

Yavuz Delal, a member from a local NGO said that ‘’Our people are not content with the current situation at all and they are leaving their houses behind as they are helplessly escaping the tragedy in the region.’’

Delal also said that PKK is aiming to create an impression of local support, by forcing people to follow their orders at gunpoint.

The PKK, which is listed as a terror organisation by Turkey, US and EU, has been causing disruption of the social order in many provinces as they dig up trenches and set road-barricades in streets.

The terrorist have also set fire to several school buildings, hospitals, mosques and even targeted kindergartens.

Moreover, PKK terrorists have been attacking bridges, construction sites of dams and industrial areas with explosive devices, causing some of the significant projects in these regions to be put on hold and eliminating the employment opportunities.

The Turkish government previously declared that it will not submit to “the trench politics” of the PKK terrorist organisation which has placed a heavy burden on civilians living in Turkey’s southeast and eastern regions.

Accordingly, Turkish government has been launching an extensive internal security operation in order to scatter the network of the PKK groups in the same areas while PKK terror attacks have killed more than 200 security officials in Turkey since July 11.

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