Masked protesters open fire on police in Turkey's southeast

Masked protesters allegedly part of PKK terrorist group attempt to block off road and open fire at Turkish security forces

Photo by: Germany based PKK affiliated media
Photo by: Germany based PKK affiliated media

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Alleged members of the outlawed PKK opened fire on police officials late on Saturday after they organised a demonstration to protest Turkish airstrikes against ISIS and PKK, in Cizre district of Turkey’s southeastern Sirnak province, close to Syrian border.

No deaths have occurred from the clashes but an armoured police vehicle was disbanded.

The alleged PKK members attempted to close off traffic in the Nusaybin Street of the Cizre province.

PKK affiliated Germany based Kurd 24 news tweeted pictures of masked child protestors.

Police who arrived on the scene met attacks with Molotov cocktails and fireworks by child protesters wearing masks. In response the police forces used pepper spray and pressurised water to disperse the protesters.

The group spread to the side streets of the district. In the Nur neighbourhood they dug up ditches with their supporters to prevent the security forces from intervening.

The police forces that attempted to enter the neighbourhood in order to cover up the ditches were attacked at with gun fire. Following the gun shots, heavy security measures were taken in and around the neighbourhood.

Tensions are continuing in Sirnak province.

Turkey’s pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) announced on Saturday the cancellation of a protest rally dubbed “Peace March” which was to be held in Istanbul on Sunday, following a warning by the city’s governor's’ office citing public security concerns.

Issuing a statement on its official website on Saturday, the governorate said that due to the recent terror acts across the country, the march application would not be accepted to ensure public security and to prevent any provocative action.


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