Militant arrested over US consulate attack in Istanbul

Suspect accused of launching attack on US General Consulate on behalf of outlawed Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C) arrested in Istanbul

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

A suspect shouting slogans in favour of DHKP-C detained in Mersin

Turkish court arrested a member of the outlawed Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C), Hatice Asik, on Friday over charges of launching an attack on the US General Consulate in Sariyer district of Istanbul on Aug. 10.

Asik was captured by police after she was wounded in the attack and was taken to court after her treatment was completed.

DHKP-C is recognised as a far-left terror organisation by Turkey, for launching attacks targeting consulates, political parties, police stations and business men and women. The US, EU and UK also recognize the group as a terrorist organization. 

In 2013, DHKP-C also claimed a suicide bombing attack on the US embassy in Turkey’s capital Ankara, killing a Turkish security guard.

Two militants of the organisation killed a Turkish senior prosecutor at an Istanbul courthouse on March 31 they were both killed after police heard gunfire and raided the room in which they were holed up in.  The next day militant group attempted a suicide bombing attack on the headquarters of the Turkish National Police Department in Istanbul, attempt was unsuccessful and one militant was killed.

13 DHKP-C suspects arrested in Mersin 

Thirteen suspects were also arrested on Friday in Turkey’s southern Mersin province and are accused of being members of the DHKP-C.

Mersin police launched an operation on Thursday against DHKP-C detaining 42 suspects. Nineteen were released after interrogation while 23 were tried by the court. The court ordered the arrest of 13 out of 23, and released 10 under judicial controls.

The suspects are accused of launching a recruiting drive named ‘Anatolia Camp’ at a beach in Mersin.

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