Molotov cocktail terror attack on bus in Istanbul, Turkey

Masked group carries out terror attack on public bus loaded with passengers in Istanbul with molotov cocktails, Turkish security forces reported

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Okmeydani district of Istanbul has witnessed several illegal demonstrations carried out by masked groups before

A masked group of three people on Wednesday evening carried out a terror attack on a public bus with molotov cocktails on Piyalepasa Street in Okmaydani district in Turkey’s Istanbul province.

The group stopped a bus loaded with passengers en route from Sisli to Yenikapi, forcing all passengers to get off.

The group then threw molotov cocktails into the bus and smashed its windows. Fleeing from the scene after terror attack, the assailants left a suspicious package in front of the bus.

Bomb dismantling experts along with police rushed to the scene immediately following the bus driver’s denunciation on the suspicious package.

The street was blocked off to traffic, with security measures being taken while bomb dismantling experts exploded the box with a detonator. The package was found to not be a threat, it was full of newspaper clippings.

No casualties have been reported from the incident.

A comprehensive investigation was launched into the attack to find out whether the attackers have links with PKK terrorists.

PKK which is listed as a terrorist organisation by Turkey as well as NATO, the US and EU, have killed nearly 30 civilians and 118 Turkish security officials in numerous terror attacks, since restarting the conflict against the the state, targeting police and military officials.

Similar attacks in Istanbul were carried out by groups affiliated with outlawed PKK before, killing civilians and damaging public and private property.

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