More ‘parallel state’ suspects detained in western Turkey

Turkish security forces detain more ‘parallel state’ suspects including former university president in western part of country

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkish security forces detain "parallel state" suspects including Sedat Laciner, a former university president, in the northwestern province of Canakkale on Dec. 26, 2015

Turkish security forces have detained more “parallel state” suspects including a well-known former university president in the western part of the country on early Saturday morning.

The Canakkale police department carried out the operations, in which former 18th March University president Sedat Laciner was detained along with an unidentified number of businessmen on the grounds of allegedly having connections with the “parallel state structure” in the northwestern province of Canakkale.

The Gulen Movement, which is led by Fethullah Gulen - a US based preacher of Turkish origin- is accused by the Turkish government of establishing and leading a “parallel state,” composed of a network of followers who have allegedly infiltrated the judiciary, police force, and other state agencies to control these institutions.

An extensive investigation into the group begun after the movement was accused of attempting to overthrow the elected Turkish government via judicial coup last December.

A secret circle within the Gulen Movement was also determined as a national security threat for Turkey by the National Security Council.

Turkey’s chief public prosecutor’s office of Istanbul has recently issued an indictment accusing the circle of “terrorism” and calling it as “Gulenist Terrorist Organisation (FETO).” The accusations include illegal wiretapping, blackmailing and threatening.

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