NGO’s in Turkey’s southeast rally against terror

More than 600 NGO representatives gathered in Turkey’s Diyarbakir to protest PKK terror attacks as curfews in two districts were lifted

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Representatives of Turkeys NGO's gathered on September 15, 2015 in southeastern province Diyarbakir to condemn PKK terror attacks.

Over 600 civil society organizations in Turkey’s eastern and southeastern regions rallied on Tuesday in southeastern Diyarbakir province to protest against escalating PKK terror attacks, as curfews that were implemented in two districts of Diyarbakir were lifted a day before. 

The crowded group that gathered in Seyh Said square of southeastern province of Diyarbakir, condemned the terror attacks of the outlawed PKK and urged the militants to lay down arms.

Holding banners written in Turkish and Kurdish saying ‘’Enough is enough’’, the protesters along with locals, called for PKK to stop terror attacks.

The General Director of Confederation of Public Servants Trade Unions, Ali Yalcin also made a speech condemning terrorism and said ‘’Weapons cannot be a medium of claiming rights, they just deepen the problems.’’

‘’We are here against to those who target our brotherhood in this country; our belief, our history and our memory is the same. May Allah [God] bless our unity and solidarity’’ he said.

The vice president of the confederation, Ramazan Cakirci also called for common sense and stated ‘’While our lands bleed, the cries of mother are soul-shattering. Enough is enough. Now we have to be tight knit and protect our brotherhood.’’

Cakirci added that ’’The permanent peace will come only when the PKK leaves its violent language and its arms.’’

According to Cakirci, the ‘’peace process’’, which was launched in 2013, should be renewed and supported by all political parties in the assembly.

The announcements of the leaders were also given in Kurdish and after the speech, the NGO members distributed red cloves to the people present.

The policemen that were posted at the rally also took the flowers and wore them on their chests.

In the meantime, Diyarbakir Governatore lifted the curfews, which had been ordered a day earlier in Sur and Silvan districts of Diyarbakir on Monday at 5 pm.

Following the order, the life returned to normal with local people opening their businesses while the policemen retreated from the streets.


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