Ongoing PKK terror attacks victimise locals in Turkey's east

Terror attacks carried out by outlawed PKK continue to affect lives of local in Turkey's east as damages bring suffering on them

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

PKK terrorists detonated a bomb after the passing of a police vehicle in Yuksekova district of southeastern province Hakkari on Sunday

Updated Sep 22, 2015

PKK terrorists continue to carry out terror attacks on a daily basis that threaten the lives of locals living in eastern and southeastern provinces of Turkey, property damages add to their suffering along with social and financial consequences. 

Following the passing of a police vehicle in the Yuksekova district of Turkey’s southeastern Hakkari province on Sunday, a bomb placed beneath the road by PKK terrorists detonated

PKK is a recognized terrorist organization by Turkey, NATO, the US,  and EU.

No casualties were reported after the incident, however the vehicle was heavily damaged by the explosion.

Several homes in the neighboring areas as well as electrical installations were damaged, while traffic was closed to traffic due to the deep craters that appeared on the road following the detonated bomb.

Security forces launched operations in the region to seize the assailants.

The PKK terrorists also attacked two separate power stations in Turkey’s southeastern provinces of Van and Siirt with improvised explosive devices (IEDs), making the stations unusable.

In the meantime, a land search in rural areas of Turkey’s southeastern Mardin province, Turkish soldiers seized a good deal of supplies and several organisational documents in shelters belonging to outlawed PKK.

PKK terrorists used a remote control to blew up columns of a hospital bridge in Mardin on Sunday,that resulted heavy damages to the bridge as well as windows of nearby homes to shatter.

The attack was severely admonish by the local community.

Another terror attack by outlawed PKK took place in Silopi district in Turkey’s Sirnak province when explosives belonging to PKK terrorists detonated and inflicted heavy damage on homes and business in the area.

A citizen condemned the incident stating that, “our house was almost destroyed. Kurdish people are not the terrorists. But we want the ones accountable for the attack to be brought to justice.’’

Outlawed PKK renewed its terror attacks in Turkey when its umbrella organisation the KCK unilaterally ended over two-year-long ceasefire with the government on July 11. Since then attacks by the group have killed nearly 30 civilians and 119 security officers.

Turkish Armed Forces hit PKK

Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) announced on Sunday that following air operations against the outlawed group in Hakkari, the targets determined were armoury and fuel storage areas belonging to outlawed PKK were destroyed, while 5 militants were also killed.

The footages of air operations launched on PKK camps in Iraq were also released as 21 F-16 and F-4 aircrafts bombed several targets, killing 60 militants.

The PKK terrorists attacked security forces on Sunday who arrived to open the Igdir-Kars highway to traffic, which had been closed for nearly two months.

Upon the retaliation of soldiers opening fire, an armed clash erupted which resulted in the death of a PKK terrorist.

The Igdir-Kars highway was closed to traffic for two months after PKK terrorists set fire to vehicles on the road and killed a specialized sergeant.

Since then, locals have not been able to use the road and had to find alternative routes for such urgent cases such as dispatching patients in emergency situations.

While locals were content with the reopening of the highway, they condemned the terror attacks saying that PKK terrorists victimized them by blocking the roads and setting fire on the vehicles.


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