Outcome of anti-terror operation revealed in Turkey’s Mardin

Officials reveal outcome of anti-terror operation in town of Dargecit in Turkey’s southeastern Mardin Province

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Several Kalashnikov assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and a number of improvised explosive devices have been seized by Turkish security forces during the anti-terror operations.

The provincial governor’s office in Turkey’s southeastern province of Mardin issued a statement on Thursday revealing the outcome of anti-terror operation that was launched after a curfew was imposed on the town of Dargecit on Dec. 11

The statement said “36 terrorists were killed, three terrorists captured injured and 10 people were arrested on charges of ‘being a member of an armed terror organization’.”

Following nearly three weeks of anti-terror operations, the curfew was lifted on Wednesday.

It was also indicated in the statement that PKK terrorists carried out 41 rocket-propelled grenade attacks, damaging seven armored vehicles during that period.

“Four policemen were injured and two injured civilians lost their lives,” the statement added.

During the operations, security forces seized 2,000 kilograms of explosives, seven Kalashnikov assault rifles, two M16 assault rifles, a sniper rifle, a Russian-made PK machine gun, five shotguns, 26 other long-range weapons, three rocket-propelled grenades, 30 hand grenades and a number of improvised explosive devices.

The governorate also thanked the local residents for their “patience and common sense” during the operations.

Meanwhile, one female PKK terrorist was killed and nine other suspects were arrested for having alleged links with terrorist organizations, including PKK and DAESH, in Kiziltepe town of Mardin.

“A female PKK terrorist was killed after she attacked security forces with a hand grenade. A gun, two magazines and a hand grenade were found on her body,” another statement by governor of Mardin added.

The statement also said that six PKK members were arrested and along with them, six Kalashnikov rifles, 30 Kalashnikov magazines, six assault vests and large number of ammunition were seized.

Meanwhile, one other female PKK terrorist was arrested in the town of Derik with a gun, two gun magazines and two hand grenades in her handbag.

In addition, two suspected DAESH terrorists were captured during the operations.

Comprehensive anti-terror operations have been launched in Turkey’s southeastern provinces of Diyarbakir, Sirnak and Mardin.

Within the scope of operations, curfews in towns and cities across southeastern provinces have become a regular occurrence, in order to ensure the security of citizens during the clashes between security forces and PKK terrorists.

The PKK, which is considered as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the US and the EU, renewed its armed campaign in July after ending a two-year ceasefire with the Turkish government.

Since then, more than 200 members of the Turkish security forces have died while around 1,700 PKK members have been killed.

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