Outlawed PKK kidnaps two Turkish soldiers

Turkish General Staff announces PKK terrorists kidnap two unarmed soldiers commuting in civilian passenger bus in Turkey's eastern Tunceli province

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Headquarters of Turkish General Staff in Ankara

The Turkish military announced that PKK terrorists kidnapped two unarmed soldiers commuting in a regular civilian passenger bus to reach their ordained duty locations in Turkey's eastern Tunceli province on Oct. 2. 

The two unarmed soldiers were traveling to reach their military units located in Turkey's eastern Agri and Erzincan provinces when PKK terrorists blocked the Tunceli-Pulumur highway and stopped commuting vehicles when they kidnapped the two soldiers, the Turkish army said in a statement.

The PKK is recognised as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, the US, NATO, and the EU.

Previously, PKK terrorists kidnapped custom officials in eastern Turkey and released them after keeping them hostage for a while. In addition, the militant group also kidnapped Turkish soldiers, the most recent dating back to mid-September, when a non-commissioned officer was kidnapped by PKK terrorists on the Tunceli province border.

The General Staff also announced that two PKK terrorists were killed in Turkey's eastern Siirt province, after the militant group launched an armed assault against the provincial gendarmerie command on Oct. 2.

“A civilian person was also captured” by security forces on the grounds that he/she has been aiding and abetting “separate terrorist organisation,“ according to a statement from the military.

In Siirt, certain areas have been declared as special security zones by local authorities between Oct. 6 and 20, according to the official statement of the provincial governorate. 

The statement also informed that security forces located and destroyed six IEDs in Kagizman district of Kars province, Semdinli district of Hakkari province, and Uludere district of Sirnak province.

IED (Improvised explosive device) is a homemade bomb or a destructive device, widely used by the PKK terrorists in terror attacks throughout Turkey.

Turkey has recently been targeted with increasing attacks by ISIS and PKK terrorist groups, since a suicide bombing, widely thought to have been carried out by ISIS, in Suruc district of Turkey’s southeastern Sanliurfa province claimed 34 lives on July 20.

PKK has particularly increased its attacks on both police and the Turkish Armed Forces following the Suruc suicide bombing. More than 130 Turkish security officials have been killed in militant attacks by  PKK and ISIS since the bombing.   

In response to PKK and ISIS attacks, Turkish security forces have reportedly stepped up its efforts against the militant groups and have killed more than a thousand PKK terrorists.

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