PKK terrorists kill civilian in Turkey’s Ardahan

Outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) kills one civilian while firing at security officers in Turkey’s northeastern province of Ardahan

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The outlawed PKK killed one civilian and injured two on Sunday while firing at gendarmerie forces in the Gole district of Turkey’s northeastern province of Ardahan, where the militants caused a water cut and briefly took three municipality workers hostage.

A group of municipal workers had been attacked and beaten on June 9 by militants as they tried to fix a water cut problem in Gole. The militants had sabotaged the water supply line and prevented the workers from fixing it and stole the municipality car before taking the three workers hostage.

As the security forces carried out investigation in the area, the militants opened fire on the gendarmerie forces. During the attack, the militants fired at a vehicle which was carrying four civilians.

65-year-old Kanber Morkoc was killed on the scene while Sabri Morkoc and Altan Akin were injured. The driver survived without any injuries.

The militants managed to escape from the scene before the injured were rushed to hospital.

The Ardahan governorate issued a statement saying that an investigation had been launched immediately.

Meanwhile, police forces organised an anti-terror operation in Turkey’s eastern province of Agri, where a group of militants had intercepted three trailer trucks and burned them by the roadside on Saturday.

Four militants were detained while 77 molotovs, 27 fireworks and 25 improvised explosives were seized during the raid.

The PKK has increased its armed activities in recent weeks, having carried out a bomb attack on a military vehicle providing security for the Silvan Dam construction in Silvan, a district in Turkey's southeast, on June 30.  

As a part of the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP), the Silvan Dam will become the second biggest irrigation dam after the Ataturk Dam located on the Euphrates River in Turkey’s southeast.

The Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) - an umbrella organisation of the PKK - issued a statement on Saturday saying that the truce which was reached in 2012 with the Turkish government to end 30 years of armed conflict has ended.

Threatening Turkey with attacks, the KCK said, “the vehicles used in the construction of dams will be targeted.” Therefore, it said, all of the contractors and workers undertaking the construction of dam must immediately leave the field.

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