Paris-style attacks could have been carried out in Istanbul

Turkish officers say British militants were detained by authorities last week suspected of planning large scale terrorist attacks in Istanbul similar to ones in Paris

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Nov 16, 2015

Turkish authorities detected a high-profile British militant in Turkey last week who was possible to have been planning attacks in Istanbul similar to the bombings in Paris, two security sources said. 

Senior Turkish officials said on Friday, a man who was thought to be Aine Lesley Davis, an associate of DAESH, was detained in Istanbul with a group of others who could have been planning an attack in Istanbul similar to blasts in Paris that ended in the death of at least 129 people and many heavily wounded.

A separate source said, "Davis is a figure with key responsibilities within Islamic State and he wasn't caught alone. He was within a group," adding ,"Right now we're investigating whether they were planning an attack in Istanbul similar to the one in Paris. We suspect there could have been a parallel attack with Paris, on the same day."

The source who rejected giving their nationalities said eight more people detained in Turkey’s capital Ankara who were suspected of serving DAESH.

The Turkish capital was shaken by twin suicide bombings on a peace rally killing more than 100 people in October, which was the worst attack of its kind in Turkish history.

Turkey stepped up its struggle against the militants starting air strikes and opening its air bases to the US-led coalition, which may be a move that increased the risk of blowback attacks.

A senior government source cited that Turkey has detected more than 1,000 people with suspicion of having relations with DAESH terrorist organisation this year, 300 of whom now in the court process.

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