Parties hold final rallies ahead of Turkey's snap election

Turkey's main parties holding their final rallies ahead of November 1st general elections

Photo by: AA archive photo
Photo by: AA archive photo

Turkey will go to polls on November 1st

Updated Oct 27, 2015

Turkey’s four main political parties are meeting with their voters for possibly the last time ahead of snap elections, which will be held on November 1.

Following the June 7, elections, the parties failed to reach a majority to form a government which lead to snap elections.

AK Party, which has been the governing party for 13 years gained 40.9 ercent  of votes. However, it was not enough to form a government as the governing party. The Prime Minister and General President of AK Party Ahmet Davutoglu held a huge public meeting on Sunday in Istanbul.

During his speech, he stressed solidarity as a nation, while terror attacks hit the country just before the elections.

Prime Minister Davutoglu said that “they might have a plan to divide the people who gather at this square as Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Laz, Cherkess, Sunni, Alawite. However, we are here as Istanbulites. We are united as Istanbulites.’’

Regarding the latest conflicts between Turkish Security Forces and the PKK terrorist organisation, Davutoglu said that the ones who wish to go back the 90’s where violence once took over the country, won’t be allowed by this nation.

‘’We trampled on every kind of racism, sectarianism and discrimination.’’ Davutoglu said.

During AK Party’s rally, Davutoglu insistently stressed the aim of terror that hit Turkey.

He said that “there is no question that those terrorist attacks launched to bar Turkey to erase the peace, tranquility, and stability for 13 years, to hinder having strong and powerful government after general elections.

‘’They are uncomfortable over Turkey’s growth, development, and prosperity’’  Davutoglu said.

Turkey’s main opposition, the Republican Party  -CHP gained 25 percent of votes from last election and held a meeting in Turkey’s eastern province of Ardahan.

The General President of CHP, Kemal Kilicdaroglu said that his party will solve unemployment and the terrorism problem of Turkey.

He said that ‘’we will cut free Turkey from terrorism. I promise to bring the peace and tranquility to Turkey. They couldn’t manage to bring it for 13 years. I am going to solve this problem in four years. There will be no blood of brothers. We all be living in peace.’’

Sorayya Lennie from TRT World interviewed CHP Ardahan parlimantary candidate Ozturk Yilmaz regarding the elections promises of CHP in the eastern province. 

Another opposition party is Turkey's nationalist MHP which gained 16.3 percent of votes, which held a rally in Turkey’s capital Ankara. The leader of the party Devlet Bahceli has stressed that his party will win the elections and make his party the governing party.

Bahceli said that ‘’MHP is coming by distracting all traps and political operations. MHP is going to be the governing party. The proof of this claim is this square. I would like to hear the answers of these questions. Where is the belief and royalty to look after the flag and Turkey. I celebrate all of you. And I say, our nation will not let exploitation. Our nation will get together around national values.’’

HDP which gained  13.1 percent of votes on June 7 election by passing the ten percent election threshold and entering the parliament a party for the first time, held its most recent rally in Kocaeli,located in western Turkey.

In the election campaign for Nov. 1, HDP focuses mainly on the youth voters as well as blue-collar workers, including leftist unions, with the aim of collecting votes from the under-priviliged voters in the country. 

HDP's promises include raising the minimum wage promise from 1,800 Turkish liras ($594) to 2,000 ($660), as well as covering transportation and communications expenses of youth between the ages of 15-25.

In his speeches, HDP co-chair Selahattin Demirtas has given signals that forming a coalition government is an option with other parties other then MHP. 

Despite all renewed pladges of the policitical parties, Talha Kose from Istanbul Sehir University explains to TRT World his forecast regarding the Nov.1 election that voter behavior is not expected to change.

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