PKK accuses Turkish government of attacks against HDP

Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) blames Turkey’s top government officials for attacks against HDP offices

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Aug 1, 2015

Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) has accused Turkey’s government officials and the governing Justice and Development Party (AK Party) of responsibility for attacks launched on Monday against two offices of the HDP.

KCK is an umbrella organisation which brings all of the members and activities of the outlawed PKK together.

The PKK is recognised as a terrorist organisation by Turkey as well as NATO and the EU. The conflict between the group and the Turkish government has claimed the lives of more than 40,000 people and injured thousands.

The offices of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) in Turkey’s southern provinces of Adana and Mersin were damaged by explosions which injured two people on May 18.

Top government officials including Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu all condemned the attacks on the offices of the HDP, and promised those responsible will be punished.

The executive Council of KCK released a written statement saying that the AK Party government is conducting operations to manipulate public perceptions in order to justify and cover up attacks against the HDP.

“The AK Party started a dirty war to keep the HDP under the 10 percent election threshold. All the attacks are being carried out by those serving this purpose,” the statement said.

Turkey will hold its next general elections on June 7, in which the HDP will participate and try to win seats for the first time as a political party.

Political parties in Turkey need to win 10 percent of the vote to enter parliament, under the current constitution launched in 1982 following a military coup.

The HDP also accused the government and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of being politically responsible for the attacks.

“Powers supported by the President Erdogan, the prime minister and other AK Party officials are attempting to prevent our party’s development and election campaign,” HDP said in a written statement.

Turkey’s presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin condemned the attacks against HDP offices on May 18 and said,“An attack on any political party is considered an attack on all political parties.”

He criticised comments from the HDP accusing Turkey’s president and prime minister of being responsible for the attacks and asked those making such claims to at least wait for evidence to be produced in the investigation into the incidents. 

Meanwhile, a group of HDP deputies headed to the Qandil mountains in northern Iraq - which are known as a sanctuary for PKK terrorists - to meet leaders from the KCK.

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