PKK terrorists detonate mines on highway in southeast Turkey

PKK terrorists carry out mine attack on Hakkari highway in southeast Turkey

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

The PKK terrorists detonated two mines on the Hakkari highway in Turkey’s southeast region while security forces were traveling on the road on Monday.

The highway has been closed after the explosions, and proper precautions and steps are being taken to avoid further attacks.

Security forces have carried out operations in the area, with helicopters providing support since the incident.

There were no casualties in the incident, security forces reported.

In another assault in Hakkari, PKK terrorists attacked a gendarmerie headquarters in the Semdinli district near the Syrian border with mortar fire on Monday.

Security forces responded to the attack immediately, no casualties reported.

Additionally, a bridge was blown up by the PKK terrorists in Yuksekova district of Hakkari on Sunday.

The bridge became unusable as a result of the explosion, cutting off in and out access to 10 villages.

Clashes between security forces and PKK terrorists in Diyarbakir

Turkish security forces have clashed with PKK terrorists in Lice district of Turkey’s southeastern province of Diyarbakir, after a terror attack on the police headquarters and district gendarmerie command center on Monday.

PKK terrorist group, carried out concurrent armed attacks on the district police headquarters and gendarmerie command center on Monday morning.

The members of the militant group had a traffic accident while they were trying to escape from the area but were able get away from the scene of the accident before security forces could arrive.

Special forces have been sent to the area and military helicopters assisted and provided air support during the operations.

In another militant attack in Diyarbakir, a police vehicle was targeted with homemade improvised explosives by PKK terrorists.

In the statement released by provincial police headquarters of Diyarbakir, it was stated that no casualties were reported in the incident as the explosives were unable to hit the police vehicle.

Security forces were deployed to the area after the incident for investigation.

Armed attack on gendarmerie unit in Turkey’s Siirt

The PKK terrorists attacked gendarmerie commando unit center in Kurtalan district of Turkey’s southeastern province of Siirt on Sunday.

Siirt governorate officials stated that militants opened fire at the gendarmerie building with rocket propelled grenades and long range automatic weapons from a heavily wooded area near the building at night.

Security forces immediately responded to the attack, no casualties were reported.

The militants escaped from the area, by taking advantage of the darkness.

Police have started a detailed investigation into the incident.

On Monday, PKK terrorists set two trucks on fire on a road in Pervari district of Siirt.

Security forces started operations to capture the militants who fled into the heavily wooded area after the incident.

According to the official website of Turkish General Staff, the PKK terrorists conducted several terror attacks throughout the southeast, and adding that the security forces detained many suspects on Sunday who are believed to be involved in the recent spree of attacks.

It was also stated on the website that the gendarmerie station in Cilekli district of Turkey’s eastern province of Tunceli was attacked by PKK terrorists.

No casualties were reported in the attack.

One militant was captured over the murder of a police officer in Mardin

Security forces captured one suspect over the incident in which one police officer was killed and another wounded in Midyat district of Turkey’s southeastern Mardin province.

Turkish police officer, Abdullah Umit Sercan was killed, another officer was heavily injured when the PKK terrorists carried out an armed assault on a police patrol vehicle on Saturday.

The statement said that the suspect who was involved in the attack was wounded when captured on Sunday.

One civilian wounded in the attack on a mail train

Turkish General Staff reported that one civilian was wounded in the mine attack on a mail train traveling out of Turkey’s eastern province of Erzincan on Sunday.

The militants also threw a hand-made bomb at the train, no serious casualties were reported, one civilian was slightly injured.


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