PKK terrorists injure 2 security officers in separate attacks

PKK terrorists injure specialized sergeant and police officer in two different terror attacks in eastern Turkey

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Security forces seen on the highway between eastern provinces of Bingol and Erzurum which was blocked by PKK terrorists in September

Two different terror attacks by the outlawed PKK terrorists on security officers on Monday, injured a specialized sergeant and a police officer in Turkey’s eastern provinces of Erzurum and Mardin. 

A group of outlawed PKK terrorists blocked a highway in Karliova district located between eastern provinces of Bingol and Erzurum, and stopped vehicles for identity checks. One specialized sergeant, refusing to stop, was fired at by militants and wounded.

Despite his injury, the security officer drove to the state hospital in the district, he was then transported to a hospital in Bingol.

Security forces launched operations in the region and later opened the road to traffic.

Sergeant was reported not to have life threatening injuries.

After an armed clash between the militants and the security forces, the outlawed group escaped into the woods

PKK terrorists carried out a bomb attack on a police vehicle in Dargecit district of Turkey’s southern province Mardin. One police officer was slightly injured in the attack and taken to a hospital for treatment.

A wide-range operation was launched in the region to capture the assailants.

PKK is recognised as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, EU, the US and NATO.

Thirty-year long armed conflict between the Turkish state and the outlawed PKK has claimed more than 40,000 lives.

In early 2013, the government launched a "Peace Process" to end the years of armed conflict with the outlawed PKK and to build reforms in line with the constitution. However, the umbrella organisation of all PKK-affiliated groups, KCK, declared an end to the ceasefire on July 11, 2015.

Since July 11, 113 security officers and over 24 civilians have been killed in PKK terror attacks.

Militants of the outlawed PKK also dug trenches in the streets of Mardin with an excavator they had seized. The militant group attacked the police officers arriving at the crime scene with improvised explosive devices and made the excavator unusable. However, no casualties were reported after the incident.

Militants also destroyed the water supply network while digging trenches, some of the neighbourhoods could not be provided with drinking water in the province.

Turkish security forces discovered a bomb which had been planted under road in southeastern province Hakkari by PKK terrorists at the last minute, during a search operation on Sunday.

Following the discovery, the road was closed to traffic while bomb squad detonated the bomb safely.

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