PKK terrorists injure three college students in Istanbul

Militants belonging to outlawed PKK attack college students with knives and iron sticks at technical university, injuring three

Photo by: Yildiz Technical University
Photo by: Yildiz Technical University

Davutpasa Campus of Yildiz Technical University is seen in file photo.

Updated Sep 17, 2015

PKK terrorists on Wednesday attacked a group of college students with knives and iron sticks at the Davutpasa Campus of Yildiz Technical University, heavily injuring three students.

According to media reports, the militants initially verbally assaulted the students, who had opened a stand to greet newcomers, and then attempted to display a PKK symbol in place of the Turkish flag behind the stand.

The militants critically injured the three students who intervened to stop the group.

One student, whose fingers were almost cut off, was rushed into surgery while two others are still undergoing treatment.

Security forces are searching for the assailants who escaped the scene of the attack.

PKK is considered a terrorist organisation by Turkey as well as NATO, the US and the EU.

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