PKK terrorists kill one police officer in terror attack

Local media reports one Turkish police officer killed in PKK terror attack in Turkey's Tunceli province

Photo by: AA archive photo
Photo by: AA archive photo

File Photo, AA Photo

Updated Sep 10, 2015

PKK terrorists late on Wednesday attacked police lodgings in Turkey's eastern Tunceli province, killing one police officer, while two others and one civilian were wounded, according to local media reports.

PKK terrorists entered into the public housing of police officers in Tunceli before killing one police officer and wounding three others, including a civilian with a rocket launcher and gunfire.

The police officers wounded during the terror attack on the police public houses in the Cumhuriyet street of Tunceli province were taken to hospital. One of the officers lost his life at the hospital while three were grievously injured at the scene of the attack. The wounded police officers were given medical treatment at Tunceli hospital.

The security forces are still carrying out an operation to capture the PKK terrorists who managed to flee following the attack.

The outlawed PKK has recently increased terror attacks and killed 113 security officers and more than 20 civilians.

The terror attacks also include kidnappings and damage to public and private property.

The PKK terrorist group is listed as a terrorist organisation by Turkey, the EU, the US and  NATO.

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