PKK terrorists launch terror attacks in Turkey’s southeast

PKK terrorists attack on security forces and civilians in Turkey’s southeastern provinces

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Police station in southeastern Sirnak province attacked by PKK terrorists

PKK terrorists launched terrorist attacks against a police station in Turkey’s southeastern Siirt province on early Thursday.

It is reported that the militants attacked using long-barreled weapons to police before they ran away with the counter fire immediately launched by security forces.

No casualties reported after the attack, while the police started an operation following the incident.

PKK is recognised as a terrorist organisation by Turkey as well as the US and the EU.

Similarly, a group whom faces covered with masks threw molotov coctails on a bus carrying civilians in southeastern Sanliurfa province.

Shouting slogans in favour of PKK, the militants ran away after they set the bus on fire.

The driver survived from the attack without any harm, while the bus was damaged.

On Wednesday night, another attack on a hospital in Turkish capital Ankara was launched by a group with masks on their faces.

A part of the hospital was harshly damaged in the attack and the fire brigade quenched the fire.

The patients in the hospital reportedly didn’t get injured.

PKK is an armed militant group that has been carrying out terror attacks mostly in Turkey’s southeastern since early 1980s. The group was found by Abdullah Ocalan who was captured in Kenya and imprisoned by Turkish government in 1999. The clashes claimed more than 40,000 lives during 30 years of armed conflict between PKK and Turkey. 

Right after the Turkey’s general election on June 7, the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) issued a statement on July 11 and declared, threatening Turkey with further attacks, its truce with the Turkish government has ended.

Co-chair of the KCK, Bese Hozat, declared on July 15 that a new stage of “revolutionary war” began, publishing a column in a local newspaper.

Hozat said “Hell must be raised and earth must be shaken. Hundred thousands and millions shall rise and radically heighten the democracy struggle if needed, refusing to leave the squares for days, weeks.”

Since July 11, 56 security officers and seven civilians were killed by PKK terrorists and its youth wing YDG-H.