PKK terror attack injure seven policemen in Turkey

Media reports says seven police officers injured in recent terror attack of PKK terrorists in Sur district, Diyarbakir province

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Police officers standing by a checkpoint by Sur district in Diyarbakir to endure safety on this September 13, 2015 dated photo.

Seven police officers were reported to be injured on Sunday in recent terror attacks of PKK terrorists in Turkey's Sur district of southeastern Diyarbakir province.

The police officers have been taken to hospital and is reported that their injuries are non-life-threatening. 

The office of the governorate announced that the 15 neighborhoods in Sur district - centrally located in the city of Diyarbakir - would be placed under curfew as of 5:00 am, until further notice is made ending the curfew.

Police officers set up checkpoints in certain locations within the district and brought safety measures to the highest level, residents were urged to remain inside their homes and obey the curfew regulations.

The curfew was implemented following reports of the outlawed PKK’s youth arm, YDG-H militants setting up barricades and blocking the roads with sandbags, as well as digging trenches in some alleys in the Hasirli and Lalebey neighborhoods through midnight.

Upon the curfew, clashes took place between the security officers and the PKK’s youth arm, YDG-H militants who are known to be a haven for PKK.

According to media reports, the clashes are still ongoing. The electricity and internet is also reported to be off.  

In the Silvan district, also in Diyarbakir province, a police officer was killed in a PKK rocket attack earlier in the day, as officers were in the area trying to fill in the trenches dug by the YDG-H militants.  

Meanwhile, two police officers were killed in another attack in Sirnak province while five others were injured.

Following  the attack, a curfew was set up in three neighborhoods of Silvan that are Tekel, Mescit and Konak to ensure safety, and later implemented district-wide.

In the meantime, local media reports said that a masked group belonging to YDG-H attacked a prison with blast bombs and fireworks  in Diyarbakir’s Baglar district,  a stronghold for outlawed PKK. In the attack which came late on Saturday, there were no reports of deaths or injuries.

Police launched an investigation to seize the militants.

Also, in a statement released by the Office of Diyarbakir Governorate said that a group of PKK sympathizers including militants disguised as civilians, consisting of 200-250 people gathered in Fis Plain near the Diyarbakir-Bingol highway and tried to march to Dakyanus Hill Base of the army were dispersed by gendarmerie officers with a tear gas on Sept. 12.

Additionally, news of yet another PKK terror attack arrived from Viransehir district in Turkey's southeastern province of Sanliurfa, an armoured police vehicle was targeted by a remote controlled bomb, detonating in a garbage container as the police vehicle was passing, by PKK terrorists.

No casualties or injuries were reported. However, many homes and businesses in the area were damaged as windows shattered.

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