PKK terror attack injures 14 soldiers in Turkey’s Van

Outlawed PKK attacks gendarmerie station in Turkey’s eastern Van province, injuring 14 soldiers

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Workplace set ablaze by molotov coctails thrown by PKK terrorists was extinguished by police forces in Siirt on October 6,2015.

Updated Jan 2, 2016

A gendarmerie station in Turkey’s southeastern Van province came under a terror attack by outlawed PKK on Tuesday night, resulting in injury of 14 soldiers.

Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) released a statement on Wednesday morning, confirming the terror attack carried out by PKK terrorists with bomb-laden vehicle and long-barreled weapons to Esmepinar gendarmerie station in Baskale district of Van.

“14 soldiers were injured following the detonation of the vehicle and during the clashes occurred after then. The wounded soldiers are not in a life-threatening condition,” the statement said.

PKK is a recognized terrorist organization by Turkey, the US, EU and the UK.

In clashes, three PKK terrorists were also killed.

Few media reports also claimed that a village guard and a civilian was injured in the attack.

The injured soldiers have been taken to an hospital in Van city central with helicopters, following an initial treatment in Baskale.

PKK terror attacks have killed 135 security officials and over 30 civilians since the PKK’s umbrella organisation, KCK unilaterally ended a two-year-long cease fire with the government on July 11.

In a separate attack, PKK terrorists fired at police officers with long-barreled weapons in southeastern province of Siirt. 

PKK terrorists set up barricades in the streets of Aydinlar, Cumhuriyet and Sakipbey and closed the streets to traffic.

Stones and molotov cocktails were thrown at the police officers who responded to the incident, while some of the militants fired live ammunition at the security forces.

A molotov cocktail hit a business area and led to a fire in a workplace.

Operations launched to seize the militants.

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