PKK terror attack injures 4 policemen in Turkey's southeast

Terror attack by PKK terrorists injures four police officers in country's southeast

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Aftermath of a roadside bomb attack by outlawed PKK in Mardin seen in the file photo.

PKK terrorists attacked Cermik District police department in Turkeys southeastern province of Diyarbakir on Wednesday, injuring two police officers, while an armoured police vehicle patrolling in southeastern province of Bingol was attacked with rocket launchers and long range weapons, injuring two other policemen. 

The militants of both PKK attacks, reportedly managed to escape after police forces returned fire, wide-scale operations have been launched to capture them.  

PKK is listed as a terrorist organisation by Turkey as well as the US and EU.

Bingol Police Chief Suleyman Pamuk, has visited the injured police officers at the hospital they are staying in for treatment and said the officers are in good condition.

Security officials have reported that the operations in the region will continue.

Another possible terror attack by PKK took place in Istanbul's Gaziosmanpasa district on Wednesday, when an unknown assailant threw a hand made bomb on a main street. 

The explosion which caused panic among the citizens in the area, has resulted in no financial damage or loss of lives. Several police officers have been dispatched to the crime scene and investigation has been launched over the incident.

After Turkey’s general election on June 7, in which the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) entered the parliament for the first time, the PKK’s umbrella organisation, the Group of Communities in Kurdistan (KCK), issued a statement on July 11 declaring that its truce with the Turkish government has ended and threatened Turkey with further attacks.

Over the week, five provincial and district mayors from HDP and their local organization DRP were arrested for disrupting public unity.

According to records,  the number of fallen soldiers in terror attacks since the deadly Suruc bombing on July 20, reached over 60 while 6 civilians have also been killed.

PKK is an armed militant group that has been carrying out terror attacks mostly in Turkey’s southeast since early 1980s. The group was founded by Abdullah Ocalan who was captured in Kenya and imprisoned by Turkey in 1999.

More than 40,000 people have lost their lives during 30 years of armed conflict between outlawed PKK and the Turkish state.

On Tuesday, there were several terror attacks carried out by PKK terrorists across the country, terror attacks by outlawed PKK has intensified after ceasefire ended on July 11. 

PKK terrorists detonated a roadside bomb with remote control while a military vehicle was passing on Van-Agrı highway in Turkey’s eastern province of Van.

While there was no death's or injury from the explosion, the highway has been closed to traffic due to the damage the bomb caused.

PKK terrorists blocked Nusaybin-Cizre highway, intercepted vehicles  and detonated a bomb in Turkey’s southern province of Mardin.

No loss of lives or injuries have been reported after the explosion; however, the road was closed to traffic for three hours due to the incurred damage.

PKK members, disguised in women’s clothing, attacked a police station with hand grenades in Turkey’s Southeastern province, Bitlis.

No casualties were reported after the attack.

In Hizan district of Bitlis, outlawed PKK terrorists set a van on fire which was reportedly carrying bread for the police department

The militants ran away following the attack. 

It was also reported that PKK terrorists made propaganda by performing identity checks on citizens on the Bitlis-Hizan highway.

The security forces arrived in the area following the reports and reopened the highway to traffic.

In addition, a group of terrorists wearing masks attacked a public bus using petrol bombs on Monday, in Okmeydani Avenue, Istanbul.

No casualties were reported from the incident but the bus was heavily damaged.




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