PKK terror attack injures several soldiers in Diyarbakir

PKK terrorists detonate bomb, injuring several soldiers in southeastern Diyarbakir province

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Ambulance arriving at the scene of explosion on Silvan-Diyarbakir highway on November 8, 2015

PKK terrorists detonated a bomb on the Silvan-Diyarbakir highway as an armoured military vehicle passed by on Tuesday, injuring several soldiers travelling in the vehicle

According to reports, the injured soldiers were immediately taken to hospitals in Diyarbakir.

However, other reports indicated that 19 soldiers were actually injured in the terror attack.

In the meantime, a youth branch of PKK terrorists hijacked vehicles then set up barricades on the streets, starting violence in a neighbourhood in Nusaybin district of Mardin province on Tuesday.

Upon the development of attacks, PKK terrorists fired at security officers with long-barrelled weapons. Police officers were also attacked as they attempted to intervene.

PKK terrorists launched a rocket projectile at the Cizre State Hospital in southeastern Sirnak province on Monday, police reports stated.

The rocket projectile fell onto the dialysis section of the hospital, damaging the building. No injuries were reported, however, patients and their relatives panicked, causing fear.

According to security officials, PKK terrorists hit another hospital in Yasef neighbourhood and attacked police vehicles with long-barrelled weapons and rocket launchers in the Cizre district.

Following the attack, the emergency section of the hospital was closed off as well. 

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