PKK terror attacks halt official investigation in Diyarbakir

PKK terrorists hinder official investigation into recent terror attack in Diyarbakir as they target authorised delegation with rocket launchers, bombs

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

An official investigation into the recent PKK terror attack which claimed the lives of the head of bar association Tahir Elci and two policemen in Diyarbakir was hampered by PKK terrorists as they attacked the official delegation in charge of rocket launchers and bombs consecutively.

Elci and the two policemen were killed in the Sur district of Diyarbakir on Saturday when PKK terrorists opened fire on policemen who were escorting a group of lawyers including Elci.

According to media reports, the lawyers gathered to give a press statement which opposed terror attacks by the PKK, saying that they do great harm to the historical heritage of the Sur region.

Immediately after the initial attack on Elci and the policemen, PKK terrorists opened fire on the official delegation including the chief prosecutor of Diyarbakir who arrived in the Sur district to investigate the crime scene.

During the attack, another five policemen were injured.

Moreover, the terrorists also detonated a bomb, which they had set up earlier, targeting a military vehicle at the same time.

With the impact of the explosion, a huge crater was formed on the road.

Due to the unceasing PKK terror attacks, the historical Sur district of Diyarbakir gets great harm (AA)

The same delegation, which attempted to sustain the crime scene investigation at the site of the incident, came under fire from unidentified assailants for the second time early on Monday.

While the officials of the delegation escaped the attack without injury, a wide scale operation was launched in the region to seize the terrorists who ran away.

The terrorist group PKK have been disrupting the social order in many eastern and southeastern provinces of Turkey as the terrorists have been digging up trenches and setting road-barricades in streets.

The PKK also killed over 150 security officials and over 30 civilians since the PKK’s umbrella organisation, the KCK, unilaterally ended a two-year-long ceasefire with the government on July 11.

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