PKK terror attacks injure 28 security officers in Turkey

Several terror attacks by PKK injure 28 Turkish soldiers and police officers in Turkey’s southeastern provinces

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Several soldiers injured in two bomb attacks by the outlawed PKK in Van being sent to the state hospital by helicopters in this September 22, 2015 file photo.

Separate terror attacks by the PKK terrorists injured 28 soldiers in Turkey’s southeastern provinces since last night, media reports said. 

The first bomb attack came on Monday night when an armored military vehicle was passing along the Baskale highway in Camlik district, injuring 13 soldiers while the second attack took place overnight on Tuesday in Bebesin site of Van province wounded 11 other soldiers. 

The injured soldiers were sent to the state hospital in Van city by helicopters.

PKK is a recognized terrorist organization by Turkey, the US, EU and the UK. 

Also in Yuksekova district of Hakkari province, an armed attack by PKK was carried out against an armoured army vehicle on Tuesday noon where two soldiers received slight injuries.

Another attack was carried out by PKK terrorists on security officers in southeastern province of Mardin on Monday evening. 

The militants detonated a bomb-laden car while a police vehicle passed, inflicting heavy damage on homes and businesses in the area.

No casualties were reported over the incident.

In Hozat district of Tunceli, PKK terrorists opened fire on a police chief with automatic rifles on Monday when he was travelling with another police officer.

The officers were seriously injured in the attack and initially taken to the state hospital and then transferred to Elazig Military Hospital.

A comprehensive air-backed operation in the region was launched to seize the assailants.

Since PKK unilaterally ended over two years long ceasefire with Turkish government on July 11, over 30 civilians and 119 security officers were killed by terror attacks of outlawed PKK.  

Turkish security forces inflict major strikes on PKK

Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) announced on Tuesday that the recent air strikes on the PKK camps in Hakkari destroyed several critical targets belonging to the group.

Some logistical installations of the PKK were also reported to be destroyed in the air attacks of TAF.

During an operation which lasted for 4 days in Tunceli, nearly 35 PKK terrorists, including a top level executive of the group, were reported to be killed.

The police department of Van also announced a detailed report on the operations over two months against the outlawed group.

The report revealed that a great deal of ammunition belonging to PKK were seized in the region by the security forces while 56 of 189 detained suspects were arrested over the charges of being a member of the outlawed PKK.

Accordingly, Turkish security forces confiscated 5 kalashnikovs and over 2000 bullets after investigating a suspected vehicle and detained 2 people who were present at the car.

TAF announced that one PKK terrorist who attempted to capture a vehicle was killed in eastern province of Bitlis on Monday.

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