PM Davutoglu says Turkey close to end war on PKK terror

Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu says war on PKK terrorist organisation is coming to end, ditchers are filled and barricades lifted

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkish Special Operations Police carries out a search at 23 Nisan Middle School, which was used as PKK terrorist’s headquarters in the Silopi District of Sirnak, Turkey on January 20, 2016

Updated Jan 21, 2016

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Tuesday that the Turkish Security Force’s campaign against PKK terror organisation in the country’s southeast has been largely completed.

"The process is to a large extent completed," Davutoglu told reporters on his plane traveling to London.

"It won't be like with old operations, withdrawing after streets are cleansed. There will be a more orderly security presence," he said while speaking to Turkish media outlets. "The goal is to build a public order ... in which no illegal structure can take control of any streets."

According to information released by the Turkish General Staff, a total of 610 PKK terrorists have been killed in army operations in southeastern Turkey.

PKK terrorists have been digging trenches and setting up barricades in urban areas of the country’s southeast to keep out Turkish Security Forces; however, operations have been ongoing in three districts since mid-December.

"The operation in Silopi has been completed to a large extent. Ditches have been filled in and barricades lifted. A new security structure will be implemented there," Davutoglu stated in a news conference in London, broadcasted on Turkish television.

Turkish Security Forces killed 12 PKK terrorists in the Cizre District of southeastern Sirnak Province, where a total of 364 PKK terrorists have been killed, the military said.

During Tuesday's operation, nine improvised explosive devices were defused and five firearms alongside with 153 rounds of ammunition were seized.

In the Silopi District of Sirnak, four PKK terrorists were killed, bringing the army’s numbers in PKK casualties to 140.

The security forces also killed three PKK terrorists in Sur District of Diyarbakir Province, bringing the number of terrorist’s killed to 106.

The PKK which is recognised as a terrorist organisation by the EU, the US, and Turkey renewed its terror attacks against the Republic of Turkey in late-July 2015 after the conflict reignited with the collapse of a two-year-long ceasefire.

Since then more than 200 members of the security forces have been killed in PKK terror attacks.

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