Police detain 12 DAESH suspects in Istanbul

Police seize 12 DAESH suspects along with large amount of ammunition during anti-terror operation in Istanbul

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Turkish police raided 16 suspected locations in Istanbul on Monday to capture DAESH terrorists.

Turkish police detained 12 people suspected of having links to DAESH terrorist organisation, on Monday in anti-terror operations through Istanbul.

A total number of 16 locations in 10 different districts of Istanbul were raided simultaneously and police seized a great deal of ammunition, digital documents and books.

Security officials had launched the operation after they received intelligence that DAESH was planning suicide attacks across the country.

One of the suspects remained in custody by court order to await trial, while three others were released on condition of judicial control.

Eight other suspects were freed pending trial.

Police confirmed that they are continuing their search for five other suspected DAESH terrorists, who were not found during the operations.

Turkey’s fight against DAESH terrorist organisation has been ongoing since July 24, when Turkey launched its first air strikes targeting DAESH positions in Syria.

Ankara later launched comprehensive terror operations to capture DAESH terrorists within the country.

According to the Turkish Interior Minister Efkan Ala, Turkey has so far seized and deported more than 36,500 people suspected of entering Turkey with the intention of crossing into Syria to join DAESH.

Most suspects were stopped from entering Turkey at the border, while nearly 2,800 were arrested in Turkey and later deported.

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