Police detain 23 foreigners allegedly trying to enter Syria

Turkish police detain 23 foreign nationals in Turkey’s southern province of Kilis for allegedly trying to cross into Syria

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

A group of 23 foreign people captured while passing into Syria from over the border with Turkey to allegedly join Daesh, undergo medical treatment at Kilis State Hospital ahead of being deported from Turkey on August 11, 2015

Updated Aug 12, 2015

Turkish police detained 23 foreign nationals on Tuesday during multiple operations in the southern Kilis province on Syrian border, for allegedly trying to cross into Syria to join ISIS, police sources said.

Counter-Terrorism Unit of the police carried out the operation.

The suspected foreigners include Chinese, Ukrainian, and Russian nationals.

The sources said that there were also women and children among the detainees.

Turkey has recently increased security measures on border regions to prevent foreign fighters from entering Syria.

Since early 2014, about 1,500 people who are allegedly trying to join groups like ISIS have been deported to Turkey.

The number of people on the “restricted list,” including nationals from 108 countries, have rose nearly to 16,000 since it was introduced in 2011.

The Turkish Armed Forces take extra measures especially on the border to prevent foreigners from joining clashes in Syria.

Turkish troops have dug 365-kilometre long ditches and put 270-kilometre stretch on the Syrian border to enable more effective patrols.

Syrian border has been deployed by a large number of soldiers and dozens of armoured vehicles.

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