Police finds ISIS, PKK identification on arrested protestor

Local news outlets report that police found identification cards of both ISIS and outlawed PKK on suspect arrested over provocation in western Turkey

ISIS and PKK identity cards found on the suspect who was arrested by police officers in Izmir.

Police said identification cards indicating membership to both ISIS and the outlawed PKK were found on a suspect, who was arrested and charged with provocation in Turkey’s western province of Izmir, the local media outlets reported on Monday.

The suspect was detained in Bergama district of Izmir, which is a predominantly Kurdish neighbourhood.

He was in possession of Turkish flags and posters of Turkey’s founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

During the interrogation by police, who also found other evidence during the search of suspects’s apartment, the suspect confessed that he was ordered by "others" to take part in the convoy in Bergama to provoke the residents there.


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