Police officer killed in terror attack by PKK terrorists

Officials announce one Turkish police officer killed by PKK terrorists in Tunceli province of Turkey

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

PKK terrorists opened fire on the Sehit Nahit Bulut Police Department on Cumhuriyet Avenue.

The PKK terrorists killed one Turkish police officer, Murat Savas Kale, in Turkey's eastern Tunceli province on Friday when they attacked a police station with long-barreled weapons.

The militants opened fire on Sehit Nahit Bulut Police Department in the Mogultay district of Tunceli.

The police responded to the attack and resulted in an exchange of fire, two militants were killed at the entrance of the police station.

Following the incident, the Special Operations team launched an investigation to find the suspects who allegedly helped militants organise the attack.

With the attack on the police station, the number of Turkey’s security officers that have been killed in terror attacks has escalated to 78, since PKK’s umbrella organisation KCK bileterally ended the three-year-long ceasefire on July 11 and threatened Turkey with attacks.

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