Renault workers continue walkout after no resolution

Negotiations to stop strike started by production workers in Renault fail

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Negotiations between the Turkish arm of French carmaker Oyak Renault company and workers who halted the production ten days ago in a dispute with workers over pay and working conditions, which affected other producers in the northwest city of Bursa, including Tofas (TOASO.IS) and Ford (F.N) unit Ford Otosan (FROTO.IS), have failed to reach an amicable conclusion DHA reported.

After the meeting with Oyak Renault General Manager Ales Bratoz, the representatives of the workers said in a statement that the strike would continue.

In a statement on Saturday, Oyak Renault said workers would not face disciplinary action, and would receive a cash payment of 1000 Turkish lira ($370) if production resumed at midnight on Monday. 

The results of financial improvement studies would be announced ahead of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, due to start in mid-June, the company added.

Criticising Turkish Metal Employers' Federation (MESS) and Turkish Metal Union who left Renault workers in the lurch, Imrali said:

"We will not start production and continue our rightful struggle. The Renault company insists addressing MESS instead of accepting our presence. We accepted the offer of Renault which was [later] changed by MESS. We want MESS to be completely extinguished.”

“They don’t want a solution, they are in favor of a deadlock. They respond our solutions with deadlocks,” Ekrem Salim, a spokesman explained to Dogan News Agency (DHA).

According to the Renault headquarters, the strikes threaten not only their plants but their plans in the whole of Turkey.

“If this situation continues, we may review our long-term plans, since this is a threat that alters the stability,” Renault Eurasia Director Jean Christophe Kugler said to Anadolu Agency.

The strikes began on Thursday last week in the Oyak Renault factory in Bursa, and spread to the Tofas-Fiat and Ford-Otosan factories as well as suppliers such as Coskunoz and Mako.

Almost 20,000 labourers joined the strikes demanding a raise in their salaries - in line with a recent collective agreement with Bosch - and the abolishment of the MESS.

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