Runaway PKK terrorist confesses Turkish air strikes saved him

PKK terrorist that surrendered to Turkish security officials admits that militants found opportunity to run away during Turkish air strikes

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

PKK terrorists seen in the image.

A militant who ran away from the outlawed PKK, confessed that the air strikes launched by Turkey against the PKK camps in northern Iraq on July 24, gave militants the opportunity to escape from the camps, the media reports said.

The militant code named Zozan speaking to a media outlet said, “We thought the God had sent these jets. Many friends ran away finding opportunity in chaos.”

PKK is recognized as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the US and the EU.

Governorate of Turkey’s southeastern province of Sirnak, released a statement over the weekend and announced that 8 PKK terrorists have surrendered to the security forces.

According to the governorate, the total number of PKK terrorists that ran away from PKK camps and surrendered to security forces throughout the province, have reached 862, between the dates of March 21 of 2013 and August 22 of 2015.

Peace Process was initiated in March 2013 between the Turkish Government and imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan. The process was initiated to resolve over three decades of conflict between PKK and the government.

TAF said, 240 PKK terrorists have surrendered to Turkish security forces within the last month. 180 of them surrendered after the PKK camps in northern Iraq, around the Qandil mountains were bombarded, while 60 of them ran away before the air strikes on the PKK camps on July 24.

Also, the raids carried out by security officers throughout Turkey and outside of Turkey since July 22 resulted in killing 812 PKK terrorists.

Zozan who was among the three PKK terrorists that surrendered on July 28 in Semdinli district of Sirnak, said that they were “well treated by the soldiers in Turkey” and called on their “friends” to surrender.

In his statement to officers, Zozan expressed that he had gone to sleep on the night of Turkish air strikes and said, “Those that join PKK regret their decision and decide to run away but they cannot do it right away because they get executed if they get caught.”

“We found opportunity in that chaos and took joint action as three friends. We walked 3-4 days towards Turkey. We did not have any arms. We tried to avoid PKK camps along the way, but saw they were also hit by air strikes,” Zozan said.



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