Russian soldier carries MANPADS passing through Bosphorus

Russian soldier photographed carrying -man-portable air-defense system - MANPADS while passing through Bosphorus amid downed Russian warplane crisis.

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

A Russian warship is passing through the Dardanelles on Dec. 2, 2015

A Russian soldier was photographed on Saturday carrying a  -man-portable air-defense system- MANPADS on his shoulder while passing through Bosphorus on a Russian warship, Tsezar Kunikov,

This incident happened amid downed Russian warplane crisis that caused a great tension between Turkey and Russia.

Tension has been escalating since a Russian fighter jet was shot down within engagement rules as it violated Turkish airspace on Nov. 24.

On Dec. 5, Turkey stopped four Russian cargo ships at its Black Sea port of Samsun, due to “lack of papers,” after Port State Controle (PSC) inspections.

Later in the day, three of the Russian ships, M/V Omskıy 105, M/V Rusıch 1, M/V Neva, were allowed to leave the port after they secured and completed the missing papers. One of them, M/V Crystal, is still waiting at the port.

Also last week, Russia stopped five Turkish-flagged ships, named as M/V MEYRA, M/V ADALADY, M/V Halil Sahin, M/V Mert Deval and M/V Mahmut Saka to dock at the Russian port of Novorossisk.