Russian, Syrian regime operations target Turkmens in Syria

Russian, Syrian regime operations target Bayirbucak Turkmen area in rural Syrian town of Latakia

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Photo taken from Hatay province of Turkey shows smoke rising as Turkmen forces attack Kizildag (Red Mountain) to recapture it in Lattakia, Syria on November 27, 2015.

Russia and Syrian regime leader Bashar Assad's forces launched simultaneous attacks on Sunday targeting Bayirbucak Turkmen area in the rural town of Latakia, local sources said.

The bombardments were carried out from ground, sea and air and cluster bombs were also used during the attacks.

According to sources, the attacks hit the Kizildag, Firinlik, Kirkalti, Avanli and Derhanne villages in the Turkmen mountain area with the support of Russian air strikes.

Sources also stated that Turkmen forces launched an intense operation to retake Kizildag hill, which has strategic importance.

The hill was captured by Russian forces on Saturday and was previously controlled by Turkmen forces

Since Sept. 30, the Russian Air Force has been conducting air strikes in Syrian territory.

Although Russia initially stated that its campaign would primarily target DAESH positions, reports from opposition forces on the ground and the US-led coalition against DAESH show that the air strikes are mainly targeting Syrian opposition groups fighting against the Assad regime, which has been making advances on the ground against the opposition since Russia began its intervention.

Thousands of Turkmen, a Turkic ethnic group with close cultural ties to Turkey, have been displaced by the fighting around Bayirbucak. Around 2,000 have recently sought shelter in Turkey.

Many Turkmens who fled their villages are trying to live in and around Yamadi village near the Turkish border in makeshift tents.

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