Security regulations to be advanced after Ankara bombings

Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu says security regulations are to be advanced after Ankara twin bombings

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

rime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu hold a press conference at Global Forum on Migration and Development in Istanbul, Turkey on October 14, 2015.

Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu announced on Tuesday that the security regulations regarding public demonstrations will be advanced after deadly Ankara twin bombings that killed 97 people and injured over 500 on October, 10.

Attending a meeting with the local media representatives, Ahmet Davutoglu was asked whether there was a security weakness in deadly Ankara bombing.

Davutoglu said “At the meeting following the attack, I asked if the bombing site was inside the demonstration area or not. The officials said it was not. Then I asked where do you start body searching. They said at Sihhiye Square where the demonstration is to take place.”

“I stated that this is a serious security weakness and it needs to be changed” Davutoglu continued.

A march organised by leftist labor unions was targeted by twin suicide bombings on October 10 when crowds had just started to gather in front of Ankara’s main train station, outside of the main area where the march was due to take place, Sihhiye Square.

At least 97 were killed and over 500 injured after the deadliest terror attack in modern Turkish history. Turkish state declared three days of national mourning across the country.

Announcing that they are planning to make new security regulations regarding gathering points, Davutoglu said  “We need to change routine security regulations because the terror organisations learn them in time. There has been an administrative investigation going on. I also ordered the Council of Ministers to investigate the security routines. We are studying on a new security concept.”

Davutoglu also gave detail about ongoing investigation about the two suspects of the deadly bombing, stating that the evidence points out two different terror organisations.

On Monday, PM announced that ISIS was the prime suspect of the bombing and said that officials identified the name of one of the suspects.

Some media outlets also claimed that the authorities have actually identified both the suicide bombers, but are not disclosing the information at the moment.

During the meeting, Davutoglu said “We are investigating possible relations between the two terror organisations. It is determined that one of the suspects came to the scene with a backpack loaded with explosives while the other was wearing a vest.”

“We will not leave this case unsolved. The ones behind this massacre and their connections will be determined. We will take necessary steps if there is negligence in the bureaucracy. Nothing will be covered” he continued.


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