Sergeant killed in PKK terror attack in Diyarbakir

Armed terror attack carried out by PKK terrorists in Diyarbakir’s Silvan kills one specialist sergeant

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Police officers taking measures around the site of the terror attack in this file photo.

A specialist sergeant posted in Silvan district of Diyarbakir province was killed on Wednesday morning in an armed attack carried out by PKK terrorists, as he was headed for work in civilian outfit.

PKK is a recognized terrorist organization by Turkey, the US, EU and the UK.

25 years old sergeant Mehmet Ali Sarak, was attacked by PKK terrorists while walking to work.

Sarak was announced dead at the scene and it was determined that PKK terrorists used automated weapons in the terror attack.

Body of the martyred soldier was taken to Silvan State Hospital for autopsy and the police launched an operation to capture the militants.

Since PKK unilaterally ended over two years long ceasefire with Turkish government on July 11, over 30 civilians and 120 security officers were killed by terror attacks of outlawed PKK.  

PKK terrorists also carried out several other terror attacks since last night in southeastern provinces of Tunceli, Bitlis and Elazig.

In Hizan district of Bitlis, PKK terrorists carried out concurrent terror attacks with arms to district police department and the gendarmerie command on Tuesday night.

As no casualties or injuries were reported, the security forces launched a large scale operation to catch the militants on the run.

In Karakocan district of Elazig, the housing units where police officers and their families live came under rocket attack of PKK terrorists on Tuesday night.

After the terror attack, the security officers and the militants exchanged fire. The PKK terrorists ran into woods and an operation had begun to seize them.

Governorate of Tunceli released a statement confirming the terror attack with rocket launchers on public housing of court employees including judges and prosecutors, also on Tuesday night.

No casualties or injuries were reported for these attacks while wide-scale operation was launched.

In 2012, a public prosecutor, Murat Uzun, was killed in a terror attack carried out by PKK terrorists to the same housing unit.

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